Recent Projects:

Transportes Gutiérrez:

Based in Querétaro city, Transportes Gutiérrez has become the number one company in transfer of personnel to various Industrial Parks located outside the city. In order to automate the internal process, we proceeded to provide global solutions, including the installation of structured cabling network.


Óptica Santa Lucía:

Company that offers a wide variety of lenses and frames. Categorized as the best optics in the downtown of Querétaro city, we perform our services through an information system for patients control with an update of all the computer equipment used in the lobby and office.


Colegio Washington:

As a CAD project, due to the fact that the manual processes of this school used to take a lot of time, we proceeded to perform the automatization of the report cards. After the implementation of the system, they have reduced their process time with 85% efficiency.


Escuela Secundaria Federal Técnica UNO:

Due to continuous use on computers equipment, we proceeded to perform preventive and corrective maintenance at the laboratory and audiovisual classrooms.


Sanatorio del Ángel:

Located in Pueblito zone outside Querétaro city, is a company that provides medical and health services. A Global System was performed, which allowed to keep track of medical records, printing reports and prescriptions.


Ambulancias Medical Health:

Mexican company that provides transportation services in ambulances and first aid. One of the customer needs, was the development of a Informative Web Site, to be released to society, in order to get a great number of transfers.


Cocinas PROVEAL:

Mexican company dedicated to the design and installation of integrated kitchens, located in Plaza San Isidro in Querétaro city. We proceeded to design and implement an Informative Web Site, by which have increased their sales numbers.


Maquinaria FEJAPO:

Mexican company that offers rental and sales of heavy machinery. Facilities are located outside of Querétaro city. We proceeded to design and implement a Web Site based on their products. Similarly, we developed a management module to control them.


Salad Michele Fresh:

Salad franchise located in Guadalajara city. Maintenance was made to a functional Web Site.


Hotel Plaza Jacona:

Located in the Huasteca zone (San Luis Potosí state), this hotel features a variety of room types including services. Given the need to make themselves known in the tourism environment, we conducted an Informative Web Site.



Mexican company dedicated to the Geodesy and Topography. Currently, we are developing a project of building an Informative Web Site.


Hotel Plaza Los Arcos:

Located in Valles City (San Luis Potosí state), this hotel offers many services and is currently developing a project for an Informative Web Site.


SEMED: Medical Services

Located in Querétaro City, SeMed offers medical care services and training in order become a student within FMUAQ university.